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Meet Ann

Ann Labay Land has been exploring creativity in all different ways since she was a little girl . In her neighborhood home as a child she was always working on projects from mural trees on the wall of her bedroom, to painting pretty much everything she could, from all the furniture in her room to her brothers’ Schwinn bicycle. Her mom finally just let her take over the whole formal dining room with her projects as well as the basement. She began going to art festivals in her twenties. First she exhibited paintings, then she began creating large wall sculptures out of fabric and leather. After that was hand painted clothing. The hand painted clothing evolved into screen printed clothing with Ann’s art on it. The name of the clothing Ann designed was Ann Labay Originals and she achieved enough success to get a few articles written about her in the Daily Oklahoman.


After being encouraged by her art teacher friend, she went back to school to finish her art education degree at UCO. She received an art Award of Excellence there and began teaching discovering a true love in helping bring God given creativity out in children ….of all ages. Ann has taught art in the public school system since 2009, and has taught pre-k through 12th grade over the years. She also has done several art workshops as gifts to various organizations such as single mom’s groups and the City Rescue Mission along with other church related workshops. Ann is a working artist, she sells and gives away her art and she creates large paintings by inspiration at various worship events as well as in her studio at home. Ann also has kids summer art camps but with all that being said, her passion is in creating art lessons that teach art skills progressively with a focus on how loved  we are by Jesus and the truth in His word. Ann founded Land of Light Art in 2020. 


Ann's vision for Land of Light Cristian Art Lessons began about 3 and a half years ago.


Ann’s vision to offer quality art lessons to families and children in a way that teaches about how loved we are by Jesus is the prayerful force behind Land Of Light.  Art is a tangible way to teach Biblical truth as well as confidence in our own creative ability. There is nothing better than seeing smiling faces of kids showing off art they are proud of knowing that they also learned  about how much Jesus is for them. 


It is in Ann’s heart as well as everyone who is part of  Land Of Light Christian Art Lessons to provide the best creative art and Biblical education and enrichment experience possible for every student.


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Ann's Beliefs About Art

I believe that every individual both young and old, has creative potential and unique abilities. 


I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to creatively express themselves through the arts, and I will use all different mediums in all forms I can to facilitate this… AND make it really fun in the process!


I believe that individual creative artistic expression gives more meaning to lives which also brings a greater sense of our identities, and in this process we discover more about how special and loved we are by Jesus, I see it as a privilege to be part of this process.  


Land of LIght Christian Art Lessons philosophy is that the arts enrich and add beauty and understanding to all our lives.


I believe that both adults and children will be greatly blessed in having the opportunity to learn from an artist who cares about helping them be able to flow in their own God given creativity. 

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