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This is Ann Labay Land! Some of you know me pretty well and have known me a long time. Some of you haven't met me so you don't know a lot about me.


How Art & Jesus Changed My Life


I am an artist and an art teacher. I have been creating art since I was a little girl, painting murals on my bedroom wall, all my furniture and my brother's Schwinn bicycle. My mom let me take over the basement and the dining room for all my various projects! About 20 years ago I had a clothing line based on my art called “Ann Labay Originals”. I paint large paintings, make serigraphs and watercolors that I believe are inspired by the Holy Spirit. I also create fun animal paintings and other art for kids!

You can read more about me here, and see some of my paintings. 

I love art but not as much as I love jesus! He has rescued me many times and I am so thankful that He is my Savior! Over the years He has used creativity through art to heal my heart, strengthen my mind, and give me hope.

How Art Changes Everyone's Lives


I believe that kids need art to help them in confidence and problem solving skills. I also believe that adults can be really proud of the art they create! Adults used to be kids and somewhere along the way the sense of wonder and being able to create art got lost in responsibility and perfectionism. I  believe that art is a perfect way to help kids know more about Jesus and His love for them! I believe art can be a form of heart healing for adults. The Light Club curriculum and Facebook group are for both kids and adults!


What is the Light Club?

I have been creating an online art curriculum for 3 years. You can do this at home with your kids! You will also be able to create art with me live in adult lessons and access adult based videos via the Facebook group. Most of the lessons in the 4th - 8th membership are great for adults also wanting to learn more about art and create art. You can check these lessons out here.


Right now there are lots of things kids are exposed to that are not filled with hope. Our hope is in Jesus! 


Quenching My Thirst by Ann Land

Safe in His Arms by Ann Land

Land of Light Christian Art Lessons bring light and hope to kids and adults' hearts because the lessons are fun, easy to follow, focus on Biblical truth and the love of God, AND, you can create the art easily at home!


What You Get in The Light Club


I have created a huge collection of lessons that are in the form of monthly and free choice PDFs as well as easy to follow videos that focus on art skills.  You can do these lessons and videos easily at home with the kids, and many of them will be really fun for you too moms and dads!

The price is really affordable for what you get, plus I have a “Light Club” facebook Group to share art,  have show and tell along with other surprises from me as bonuses!

I have 4 memberships available. You can check the memberships out here.

I want so much to share Jesus and His love through art lessons. In this world we live in, the lessons can be a huge bright light of truth and hope! Most kids just love art! But most adults do too! I promise you and the kids will be successful and love the lessons!


Will you check the memberships out?

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  • A Biblical Lesson related to the topic

  • Supplies list and art and design concepts covered in lesson

  • Learn important scientific and historical facts about the topic

  • Drawing and painting step-by-step's with pics

  • Self assessment worksheet

  • National Core Art Standards emphasized

  • Student gallery for helpful reference

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I am Marvelously Made (K-2nd)

Here's what you get:


I am Marvelously Made (K-2nd)

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