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A Dinosaur and A Chameleon Two Lizard Collection

This collection has two lessons “Chameleons Change But The Word Of God Never Changes” for 2nd - 5th, and Dinosaur By Design  for  3rd - 6th.


The Chameleon lesson has lots of interesting color changing facts about chameleons. It has step by step drawing instructions to assure success as the kids practice their observational drawing skills. It is in oil pastel and watercolor paint. The focus of this lesson is how God and His word never changes. The dinosaur lesson is a bast for 3rd - 6th to create. There are 17 reference drawings of different dinosaurs for the kids to use as they practise observational drawing skills from a reference drawing. The dinosaur lesson focuses on creating patterns in the background. This lesson is in oil pastel and paint also. 


Art skills taught

  • Observational drawing skills from a reference drawing
  • Oil pastel techniques 
  • Painting techniques
  • Proportion, balance and pattern as principles of design
  • Variety as a principle of design


A Dinosaur and Chameleon Two Lizard Collection Price    $9.00


A Dinosaur and A Chameleon Two Lizard Collection

  • Lesson Descriptions

    Chameleons Change But The Word Of God Never Changes” 2nd - 5th

    This is a contour line drawing from reference of a chameleon on a tree. The kids will have guaranteed success as they draw along step by step from the references. The composition has the tree branch and the leaves as part of it. It is created in oil pastel and watercolor paint. The kids will learn how to create a light blue tint for the sky or a gradient sunset in warm colors. The lesson on chameleons and how they change colors is really fun to learn about and the kids will also learn about how unchanging the Word of God is and that we can always count on Him and His word to be 100 % true. 

    $5.99 individual lesson price 

    Dinosaur By Design 3rd - 6th

    This lesson has 17 dinosaur reference drawings for the kids to go off of and practice observational drawing skills with assured success. This lesson is really fun and the kids will create all different patterns behind their dinosaurs all in oil pastels and watercolor paint; They will learn how to make transparent washes and paint their dinosaurs, They kids will learn about what happened to the dinosaurs possibly and that there is a possibility that dinosaurs were actually created  in some bright colors!  We will talk about the fact that God created the dinosaurs and the kids will learn that the word dinosaur is a fairly new word in the english language. 

    $5.99 individual price


 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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