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Three Cat Trio 2

This collection features cats in all different ways for all different age levels. We will learn about how cats are cautious and curious, We will learn about line shape and color as elements of art and pattern, variety and proportions as principles of design. We will learn about different art techniques such as collage and how to use tempera and watercolor paints in the correct ways. Step by step drawings and reference drawings are provided in these lessons as well as many samples, and visuals to guarantee success. Plus the Cat info and Bible part is these lessons are really fun to read. Pastor Larry Conant does a great job teaching us more about the Bible as we learn about cats!


 5 cat lesson collection price: $16.50


Three Cat Trio 2

  • Lesson Descriptions

    Fancy three curious cats with Patterns 

    This is a really fun lesson and the kids just love creating it! It’s a drawing and painting of three cats with step by step instruction and a full reference drawing of the three cats. Learn how to sketch out your cats in the correct proportions showing an excellent composition. Add patterns behind them, then outline them in oil pastel. Paint using tempera paint while showing excellent craftsmanship. We will learn about how curious cats are and how God created us curious but how He always wants to protect us and keep us safe from harm. We will also learn a little about cats! National art standards are included in every lesson. 

    $5.99  individual price 


    Fancy Pattern Curious Cat

    We will learn how to draw a big beautiful cat using contour line as we learn about proportion as a principle of design.  We will learn about balance and patterns as principles of design as we create variety in color and patterns in our cats. We will paint using tempera paint, and add lots of beautiful colors to our composition. We will have fun learning about how curious cats are as it relates to us in a way that teaches us how loved we are by Jesus. 

    $5.99 individual price 


    Collage Cats 1st - 3rd      Called  (Quick as a cat to listen) 

    This lesson is really fun because the kids learn how to draw their cat in a way that is easy to follow and guarantees success.The kids will learn about patterns and add patterns as a principle of design on their cats. They will use all different colors of oil pastels for the cat and the patterns then  paint with watercolor as the oil pastel acts as a wax resist. They learn about collage and cut out their cats then glue them to a beautiful painted paper watercolor background that is also really fun to make. 

    $5.99 individual price


    Painted watercolor cats  k-2nd    Also called (Quick as a Cat to listen) 

    This lesson also is really fun because the kids will be successful as they draw their cats in a step by step way using the references in the lessons. The younger kids will have fun adding easy pattern lines with oil pastels in different colors then having fun drawing and painting  shapes around their cats. They will also love painting their cats with watercolors, while demonstrating excellent craftsmanship.  

    $ 5. 99  individual price


    Sophisticated Fancy Pattern Cat      

    This is an extra fancy cat lesson. Kids will learn how to draw this big sophisticated fancy cat using contour line and oil pastels.  They will learn about proportion as a principle of design along with balance and pattern. The kids can paint their cat anyway they want and be creative with adding interesting patterns all behind their big beautiful fancy cat. They will paint using tempera paint.  

    $5.99 individual price



 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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