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Creation Animals 4th-8th

This lesson has close to 50 reference drawings for the kids to use as reference in their observational drawing skills as they choose which animals they want to create as part of their composition Size and shape relationships are taught as well as creating a landscape for the animals to live on. This lesson was a blast and the kids loved having all the animal references to choose from. It was also a challenge in a rewarding way because they had to be able to draw the animals in the correct proportions plus make them the right sizes to demonstrate space as an element of all the ones to choose for, The lesson uses acrylic or tempera paint as the  kids demonstrate excellent craftsmanship in their work . God's creation is discussed in a beautiful way that points back to us as God;s most treasured creation. The kids also learn a little about animals.

Creation Animals 4th-8th


     Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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