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Designer Dinosaurs with Contrast Patterns 1st- 3rd

I was so excited to come up with this lesson also and the younger kids absolutely loved making this really cute dinosaurs as they learned about line shape and color as element so of art and pattern, and contrast as principles of design. They loved using the glitter and fluorescent paint, and the good thing is that the paint is really easy to find since crayola makes it. The kids learn step by step how to draw the dinosaur then have freedom in choosing what colors they want to use to paint their dinosaurs. You will learn all about lines, and how to paint thick and thin lines first for the background as contrast is introduced as a principle of design. Fine motor skills are enhanced as the kids cut out their dinosaur and glue it to their contrast line background.

Designer Dinosaurs with Contrast Patterns 1st- 3rd


     Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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