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Forest Animals Trio..Two Fox Lessons and A Deer Lesson Trio Collection

This fun collection features two fox lessons that are fabulous for all different ages starting with second grade on up to adult. The collection also includes an adorable deer lesson for 3rd- 6th that is also really fun to create. The “Foxes Have Dens” lesson for 2nd - 4th has a really fun way to make a background using all different oil pastels lines in all different thicknesses across the paper vertically then has a watercolor wash in purple and black right over it. The fox is in oil pastel and tempera and is a sure success due to the step by step drawing lessons included in the lesson. The “ Foxes Have Dens “ lesson for 3rd - 8th is also really fun because the really cute fox is drawn step by step with a blue oil pastel, The background features forest  leaves all around the fox with a beautiful blue tint sky.


Observational drawing skills are included in both lessons as well as many visuals. Learn info about foxes in an interesting way. Learn more about the Kingdom of God and learn more about what Jesus meant when He said “ Foxes have dens but the Son Of Man has nowhere to rest His head. The Deer Lesson “Psalm 42:1 My Soul Longs For You “ is a beautiful deer collage on a leaf patterned sky in oil pastel collage and tempera paint for 3rd- 6th. The Bible for the deer lesson is about how King David longed to have his soul refreshed by God and wrote about it in Psalms.  


Art skills taught 

  • Observational drawing skills 
  • Lines sixes types and directions 
  • Oil pastel resist
  • Tints 
  • Value as an element of art
  • Pattern and proportion as principles of design 
  • Painting techniques


Forest Animals Trio..Two Fox Lessons and A Deer Lesson Trio Collection

  • Lesson Descriptions

    “God Will Never Abandon Us Pattern Pup Collage”

    Contour line drawing  of a simple pup the kids draw then make patterns on. K-3rd 

    This lesson is awesome because all the kids are successful in creating a really cute pup they can add patterns on. It is great for fine motor skills in the younger kids since they cut it out and glue it down to a bright surface as a collage. Oil pastels are used  for the patterns and the Bible part focuses on how God in the pattern of who He is as always loving us will never change, 

    $5.99. Individual price 


    “Pattern Dogs”

    See all the different dogs to draw from in the lesson, draw a contour line drawing of the dog you like the best then add patterns using bright markers. 3rd - 8th

    This lesson the kids just loved making! The lesson has a whole lot of reference dog drawings for the kids to draw from! 9 different drawings are provided in this as the kids learn to draw in the correct proportions from observational drawing from a reference drawing. After they get their composition finished they add patterns around the dog, or in the dog or scarf etc. This lesson is created in markers and the kids also learned how to be neat with their markers making the area opaque and showing excellent craftsmanship. Learn about dogs, how faithful they are and learn about how our God is always loving, always faithful and how He will never leave us, 

    $5,99.   individual price 


    “God Will Never Leave Us Assorted Animal Patterns”

    All different animal  reference drawings to choose from, draw your choice then add patterns. K-4th

    With 8 easy reference drawings to draw from the kids loved making these assorted  pattern animals! 

    This also is a really fun lesson with 8 different reference drawings of simply drawn animals included in the lesson. The kids can choose the one they like the best 

     as they practice observational drawing skills from a reference drawing. We used brightly colored construction paper for the animals  and oil pastel for the patterns . After their choice animal was finished, we cut it out then attached it to a brightly colored piece of construction paper that enhanced both the oil pastel colors of the animal as well as the bright paper the animal was drawn on. These all came out adorable and they are fun to make, even up to adults. Learn about God’s patterns in nature and how the pattern of who He is as our faithful God Will never change.

    $5.99 individual price


 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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