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God Creates Organic Shapes

This lesson is a collage and it was a blast for the kids because as they feel more comfortable with creating organic shapes it moves them to cutting abstract organic shapes then glueing them onto lines that are thick and thin but not straight and also organic. This lesson teaches about how creative God is, that he created organic shapes and that He created us and loves us with infinite love! To start the lesson, the kids paint lines in all different colors and thicknesses then glue the shapes that are uniquely theirs to their colored line background. After they get the shapes glued that are different colors they can decorate it further with gel pens of markers. This lesson is really fun and all the work is completely different and unique. The kids learn all about non objective art and that non objective art is all about the principles of design and the elements of art. Line shape and color are taught as elements of art. Proportion, balance, variety and contrast are the principle of design focus. The kids just love to paint the lines!

God Creates Organic Shapes


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