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God Made The Heavens and the Earth and Night and Day

This lesson is all about the earth. The younger kids loved making this earth. For this lesson, you start by drawing a great big circle in the middle of the paper. I like kids to do this themselves without tracing. Next we add the land to it.  We use oil pastels and watercolor paint for this lesson. After the earth is drawn we  paint haf the paper black and the other half yellow to represent night and day. The lesson teaches all about how God made the earth. It teaches how the earth is always on the move and about night and day. It teaches about how God put so much detail into the earth because of how He loves us as His children, and He did all of it for our benefit! This is an awesome fun lesson to create that is also really informative in a beautiful way to realize.

God Made The Heavens and the Earth and Night and Day


     Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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