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God Made The Stars

This is a fun lesson to create! It is a collage that has glorious  glitter stars, the moon and  a beautiful black oil pastel resist universe for the stars to go on. There are small dots of oil pastel in the background to represent distant stars and planets, along with the big glitter stars the kids will make using glue. The lesson focuses on helping the younger kids practice making stars with glue! The older kids love making glue stars also. This lesson is also all about texture as an element of art too because we make an actual texture moon out of paint and glue and even sand  ( if you have some! ) We will learn about line shape, color and texture as elements of art, and oil pastel resist. The kids also learn about stars, what they are and what types there are. The Bible part teaches about how King David praises God for making the moon and the stars and how amazing it is that God is always thinking about us...  Psalm 8:3-5

God Made The Stars


     Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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