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Jesus Be the Center of My Life and God’s Creativity Collection Duo

A collection about Jesus as the center of our lives and God’s creativity as we learn about line, shape and color as elements of art. The “Jesus Be the Center of My Life” lesson k-2nd focuses on lines to create circles as a shape and overlapping as the kids draw and paint the overlapping circles in a way that shows balance. The God’s creativity lesson is all about lines shapes and colors as elements of art as the kids learn about God and His creativity in creation and how He creates lines and shapes . Both lessons teach the kids about non-objective art and bth lessons are really fun to create. The “God’s Creativity” lesson is a collage. 


Art skills taught

  • Line shape and color as elements of art
  • Tracing skills in making different size circles
  • Painting thick and thin lines and brush control
  • Fine motor skill practice
  • Painting techniques


Jesus Be the Center of My Life and God’s Creativity Collection Duo

  • Lesson Descriptions

    “Jesus Be the Center of My Life”

    Center circle lesson with overlapping circles shapes in a non- objective work of art using markers and watercolor paint. K-2nd

    The kids will love making this lesson and they learn all about abstract non-objective art as they create a composition using traced circles in all different colored markers and watercolor paint. This lesson teaches the kids all about how Jesus holds all things together. We learn about how He wants to be the center of our lives. The kids will also learn about the sun in this lesson and about how the earth rotates around the sun with the sun being the center of the universe just as Jesus wants to be the center of our lives. 

    $5.99 individual lesson

    “God’s Creativity”

    Line Shape and Color as elements of art in a collage fashion. K - 3rd

    This lesson is a beautiful non-objective collage in all different colors and shapes. The kids will learn about different thicknesses and types of lines and overlapping as they learn brush control and excellent craftsmanship in creating this unique collage. The kids will also learn about non- objective art. They will learn how non-objective art does not have a subject but that the subject is the elements of art and how they work together to create a pleasing work of art that is well balanced.

    The kids learn about how creative God is and how everything in nature that He creates reflect His amazing creativity. 

    $5.99 individual price


 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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