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Lights and Lanterns Three Light Trio Collection

This collection was special to me to create because I felt like having the kids learn about lights and lanterns would be a spectacular way for them to see how they are lights for Jesus! This collection features “Let Your Light Shine” simple primary colors box shaped lanterns for k-1st, “Light Shine Lantern” decorative lantern for 3rd- 4th, and “ Let Your Light Shine “ old style type lantern for 4th -8th. All the lessons in the collection have step by step instructions and each age is guaranteed to be successful as the skill level in observational drawing is appropriate for that age. All the lessons are really fun and all of them use oil pastels and watercolor washes to create stars in the night sky as we shine like stars in the sky for Jesus! The k-2nd lesson uses texture in glitter and a piece of yarn for the lights to hang on. The decorative style 3rd and 4th has more than one reference drawing  to choose from and the kids loved choosing which one to draw. The 4th -8th old style lantern is both rewarding and challenging as the kids learn how to draw a symmetrically correct old style lantern. The kids learn about lanterns and the first lanterns as they learn how Jesus shines through them to help others know Him and His love. 


Art skills taught

  • Observational drawing skills form reference drawings
  • How to use proportion and balance as principles of design and fill up the picture plane without too much negative space.
  • How to show value as an element of art
  • Understanding symmetry and learning how to draw things symmetrically correct
  • Understanding contrast as a principle of design and seeing it in our completed work
  • Painting techniques in creating a watercolor wash and using tempera paint effectively.

Lights and Lanterns Three Light Trio Collection

  • Lesson Descriptions

    “Let Your Light Shine”

    Primary colors box style lanterns in a collage for K-1st  

    This lesson is fun and easy to create as kids learn about the three primary colors and collage. They will practice drawing their own rectangular shapes and use scissors to cut out their own shapes as they create their collage. They will learn about oil pastel resist and create a night sky with lots and lots of stars representing the universe God made and how we shine for Him as His children. They will learn about creating a black wash for the sky with watercolor paint. They will also learn about texture as an element of art in using glitter for their lanterns and yarn for their lantern string. 

    $5.99 Individual price


    “Light Shine Lantern”

    Decorative lantern in oil pastel resist and tempera for 3rd and 4th

    This lesson has several fun lanterns to choose from as the kids learn observational drawing skills to create the lantern in correct proportions. They will learn about oil pastel resist as they create a night sky shining with stars in God's universe. They will be painting over them with a black watercolor wash. They will understand more about contrast as a principle of design as they see the light from the lantern with the black sky night. We will learn about how we shine as lights for Jesus and about the first lanterns. 

    $5.99. Individual price 


    “ Let Your Light Shine"

    Old style lantern focusing on symmetry and contour line drawing techniques. 4-8th

    This lesson was challenging and rewarding for the kids as they learned about drawing a symmetrically correct lantern in the correct proportions. It’s fun to learn  about contour line drawing from a reference drawing and going slow sketching lightly to create an excellent composition without too much negative space. Oil pastel resist is created for the night sky with a black watercolor wash and the lantern is attached to the night sky as a collage. Proportion, contrast  and balance are taught as principles of design. The 4th up kids will love making these but so will adults. This lesson is beautiful. We will learn about the first lantern and how we shine for Jesus as His lights in the world!

    $5.99 individual price


 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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