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The Lion Lesson Trio Collection

This collection features lions in three different styles, in three different age appropriate lessons. All different ages can follow along with guaranteed success. The younger kids lion is easy to follow with step by step drawing instruction. The kids will learn about line shape and color as elements of art and use oil pastels and tempera or watercolor in an oil pastel resistant fashion. The 2nd - 8th can choose a cubism lion and learn about cubism as an art form as they create a stylized lion in a cubist fashion using markers or watercolor paint. This lesson focuses on just the lion's head. The 5th -8th lesson is a full body of a lion laying down in a kingly fashion. The kids will use proportion as a principle of design and draw their lion big on their paper as they learn how to sketch it out lightly. Then they will use either oil pastels or chalk pastels with emphasis on value, and space understanding as elements of art.

The Lion Lesson Trio Collection

  • Lesson Descriptions

    Faith as Bold as Lions K-2nd
    Lesson with easy to follow steps to drawing an adorable lion in oil pastel, then painting it with cake tempera or watercolor. We will learn about how our faith can be as bold as a lion, and we will learn about lions. This includes a drawing guide for the kids to follow and a full page reference drawing. National art standards are included in every lesson.

    $5.99 individual price


    Cubism Lion 2nd - 8th
    The kids will learn about cubism as an art form and create a really cool cubism style lion in markers. They will learn about sketching out the proportions, going slow and focusing on getting their lion the correct size for an excellent composition first and foremost. After they get their lion finished they will use markers to color all the different parts in sections showing understanding of color. They can also choose to paint thor cubism lion with watercolor.

    $5.99 individual price


    Pastel Lion of Judah Lion 5th - 8th
    This lesson is really wonderful because there are many reference drawings for the kids to use as they draw the one they like the best for a kingly lion lying down. They will learn about contour line drawing from a reference drawing as they go slow and sketch out the entire lion carefully in correct proportions. They will learn about how important it is to fill up the picture plane for an excellent composition. Value will be used to show as much of a shading effect as possible using chalk or oil pastels, We will learn about Jesus as The Lion Of Judah and our King of Kings.

    $5.99 individual price


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