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Two Horse Theme Pack

This collection has 2 different horses in age appropriate lessons that are fun to make and easy to follow. K-2nd has collage elements and the kids have so much fun using texture in the form of yarn as an element of art for this lesson. The kids will be able to follow along successfully as they can follow the steps to create the profile in the correct proportions. 3rd - 8th is another horse profile created using value as an element of art in chalk pastels.


Art Skills Taught

  • Contour line drawing from observation
  • texture , line and shape as elements of art
  • Value as an element of art
  • Proportion and balance as principles of design in filling up the picture plane
  • How to create a gradient sunset
  • How to create painted paper horse colors
  • Chalk pastel techniques
  • Painting techniques and how to create a watercolor wash for the full blue horse. 

Two Horse Theme Pack

  • Lessons Included

    Happily Trusting In Hs Strength      K-2nd   Horse Collage

    This lesson is a simple horse profile collage using yarn and popsicle sticks ( if possible ) on a painted paper background. It is in oil pastel and paint and the kids learn the different colors of horses so they can paint their horse the horse color they choose. It has step by step instructions for guaranteed success both in drawing the horse in the correct proportions and in putting it all together as a collage. It also has a full reference drawing for the kids to use in their observational drawing from a reference drawing practice. The kids loved learning more about texture as an element of art. They also learn about horses and how King David trusted God. 

    $5.99 individual price


    Trusting in His Strength     3rd - 8th   Pastel Horse Profile

    This lesson is a horse profile with step by step instructions on how to draw the horse in the correct proportions. There is a full reference drawing also, to use in their observational drawing from reference drawings skills. This lesson is in chalk pastel and chalk pastel technique is included in the lesson along with value understanding as an element of art.  It can be adapted to any medium though, as all Land of Light Lessons can. The kids were very proud of their work. Excellent craftsmanship is taught and a must for chalk pastels. The kids will learn about how King David trusted in God and information about horses. 

    $5.99 individual price


 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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