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Your kids are creative and can create some beautiful art!

Join the Light Club and give your kids the gift of art!


My name is Ann Land. I have a BA in art education and I have taught thousands of kids drawing, painting and mixed media skills.  


Kids love art and Jesus loves kids! Your kids can create some beautiful art with me and learn about His love for them and Biblical truth at the same time.

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Do your kids love art?


Are they always wanting to create something
Wanting to learn how to draw better and paint better?

But you don't know how to help them with it , where to begin and what supplies they need to have the art experience you would like to give them?

At Land of Light we have everything you need to give them the gift of art.


I, Ann Land, have years of experience. I am also a certified art teacher. I have helped over 7000 kids be successful in drawing, painting, mixed media skills as well as clay and 3D skills. I love seeing smiles and kids' faces as they are amazed at what they created and proud of their work. I love being part of building kids confidence in their own artistic ability. I love helping kids in problem solving and self confidence through art training and successful experiences in art. My commitment to you is that we will partner and shed light through my instruction and all of our support to encourage their precious God given creativity

I love art but more than anything I love Jesus!

What I am most thankful for is that your kids will learn how good Jesus is through art! 

Your kids will learn how good God is and how much Jesus loves them through sound Biblical teaching written for kids,along with other interesting information in the Light Club PDFs and videos!  For instance coming up in January is an art lesson called “Remember Like a Racoon!” The scripture with the lessons is Psalm 103:2  Bless the Lord, O my soul , and forget not all his benefits.


The kids will learn that Racoons have a great memory. They can remember things from several years ago and use the information to solve problems! God tells us to remember his works so we take that knowledge with us to solve problems in our lives as well! So your kids are really grasping what that means in a tangible way as they learn about racoons, relate it to a Biblical truth then create art they love! 

The Bible components of the PDFS are written for kids by several people. The Bible parts are written by Pastor Larry Conant, Lindy Cofer (Conant’s) dad , Kerby Goff, my son in law who graduated with a master’s degree from Fuller seminary, Erin Lutz a brilliant writer and ministry school graduate and Erika Giles, my daughter a ministry graduate, with a BA in education that is also a former YWAM missionary, and Ann Land, a ministry school graduate, artist and art teacher.

Kids are naturally creative! Our creativity reflects who we are but also who God is! God designed us to be creative like him but sometimes lack of direction and confidence interferes.

Ann Land


I can teach your kids to walk in continued confidence in their artistic ability through my skill based lessons and when they get to be in 5th,  6th, 7th, 8th  grade if someone asks them if they are artists they can as confidently answer yes with as much certainty as they did when they were 6! 

Ann Land

The kids call me Ms. Ann so I start all my videos with Hi kids! It’s Ms Ann!  My goal is to build a relationship with you and the kids and the kids can create with me right at the kitchen or homeschool table!


Bonus facebook lives in the Light Club Facebook group (optional) 

  1. I look forward to you and your  kids' comments.

  2. Will comment on the show and tell finished art the kids create

Google Meets with pre-arranged times 

At least once a month so I can get to know you and the kids better and help them with things they might need help with. 


Join the Light Club in December and get immediate access to these PDFS and videos plus a lot more!

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