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Butterflies, Bees and Birds Collection

This collection includes

  • The “Be Like A Bee” collage K-2nd,
  • “The All Things Become New Butterfly” collage  1st -4th 
  • “Heavenly Father’s Birds” 1st-3rd


All 3 of the lessons have beautiful reference drawings to draw from using observational drawing skills and the kids will learn about butterflies, bees and birds along with wonderful Bible lessons for each one that uses God’s creatures to teach  Biblical concepts in a way that kids will remember. The bee is done in watercolor and oil pastel, with collage features in painted paper and cut out flowers. The butterfly is created in crayons glued to a painted paper background and the bird is in markers, or oil pastels. All 3 of these lessons are kids tested with happy faces to see upon completion. 


Art Skills Taught

  • Observational drawing from a reference drawing skills
  • Proportion and balance as principles of design
  • How to sketch and fill up the picture plane without too much negative space
  • Collage techniques
  • How to create beautiful painted paper
  • How to create a gradient sunset sky
  • Painting techniques

Butterflies, Bees and Birds Collection

  • Lesson Descriptions

    Be Like a Bee Collage

    A collage in oil pastel and watercolor with painted paper cut out flowers on a blue tint sky. K-2nd

    This lesson is a sure success for K -2nd with step by step instructions and a full bee reference drawing. It’s really fun to make and the kids love painting the bee stripes in watercolor or tempera. They use painted paper circle shapes for flowers as they learn about line, shape and color as elements of art. We also learn how to make a tint as we paint our light blue sky.

    $5.99 individual price 


    All Things Become New

    Butterfly collage in crayons on a painted paper sunset. 1st-4th

    This lesson is really fun and the kids will learn about collage as they create a butterfly using crayons. Upon finishing they will glue it to a painted paper background. There are several reference drawings in the lesson and the kids will be able to choose which one they want to draw for their main one and then draw more than one. They will learn about tints and make either a light blue painted sky or create a gradient using sunset warm colors. This lesson says for 1st - 4 th but it's great for all ages! 

    $5.99 individual price 


    Heavenly Father’s Birds

    A simple beautiful bird in oil pastels, crayons or markers 1st-3rd

    This lesson is super great to follow along with. The kids can choose which bird they would like to draw then draw it using observational drawing skills as they are taught to sketch out the entire bird lightly and fill up the picture plane not having too much negative space. After  the bird is finished they add background around it in the form of tree branches and leaves. This lesson says 1st - 3rd but it is also great for all ages! 

    $ 5.99 individual price 


 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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