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God Made Planets and Stars

The 5th graders  loved making these planets.  We learned about making all different size circles and used compasses to create the circles. Some of the kids chose to make their planets and suns be in the correct order for our solar system and some of the kids did their own solar systems. The kids learn about shading and how to create a sphere look on a 2D surface using value as an element of art. For this lesson, you will create a painted paper background using black and purple for the universe. The kids thought it was really fun because I hardly ever let them use black! The lesson uses oil pastels to draw the earth and the planets,  and watercolor to paint them. The collage is fun because the kids can decide where they want to place what planets,or star. This lesson also teaches all about the solar system, the stars and the planets .   The Bible part focuses on how God created the universe but that in all the universe He knows everything about us and loves us with His incredible love.

God Made Planets and Stars


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