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Lightning Bugs Shine Collection Duo

This collection was so fun to make and I was fascinated by the way God made lightning Bugs! Did you know a lightning bug has such an efficient way to create light that scientists don’t really fully understand it!!! There are two lessons in this collection presently. One is a beautiful lightning bug or several lightning bugs in a night field and the other is a lesson on symmetry as it features a mason jar with lightning bugs and plants inside it, also in a night field. Both lessons are really fun because making the night sky all around the brightly colored lightning bugs is a blast. Both these lessons feature observational drawing skill instructions and several reference drawings for each lesson are included. Proportion, balance and contrast are focused on as principles of design. We use some fun techniques in these lessons also to ensure success, like drawing with white chalk as we draw the mason jar and using chalk to show value as an element of art. Both these are fun for 4th to adult, 


Art skills taught 

  • Observational drawing skills from reference drawings
  • Symmetry 
  • Painting techniques 
  • Contrast and proportion as principles of design
  • Value, color and line as elements of art

Lightning Bugs Shine Collection Duo

  • Lesson Descriptions

    Fireflies in a Field Light Up the Night   

    Contour line drawing of fireflies in a night sky in oil pastel and tempera. 4th -8th

    I absolutely love this lesson! This lesson has several reference drawings to draw from so the kids can make their firefly however they want to in their composition with lots of visual information to choose from.  Composition understanding is taught as the kids fill up their picture plane without showing too much negative space. The kids will learn how to use contrast as a principle of design and see how the lightning bug stands out because of contrast as they fly and shine in the painted night sky. We use oil pastels and tempera paints for this lesson the lesson says 4th - 8th but it is fun and rewarding through adults to make.

    $5.99 individual lesson


    The Light Of Lightning Bugs in a Mason Jar

    Lesson on lightning bugs and symmetry using oil pastels, tempera paint and white chalk for value. 5th -8th

    This lesson is really rewarding for the kids because drawing a mason jar symmetrically correct is difficult. However, the steps to the jar are easy to follow and there are several full page reference drawings included in this lesson for the kids to use as visual references in their observational drawing skills. It’s also a really fun lesson because the kids use white chalk for the mason jar since this is a night sky composition. They use the white chalk both for the jar and to show value as an  element of art. It’s also really fun to make all the plants in and around the jar and the fireflies in and outside the jar! 

    This is a great lesson and it’s fun for 5th - adults!

    $ 5.99 individual price 


 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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