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Remember like a Raccoon

This winter racoon is really easy to draw and fun to create. You will be drawing in a step by step fashion to fill up your picture plane with the racoon and the tree limbs around him that serve as his winter home. You will use various colors of oil pastels after you sketch out the composition then paint over them to show texture as an element of art. You will also learn about contrast as you show light colors next to darker colors, as well as the contrast in the added snow splatters. The snow splatters are really fun to make and emoms, they really aren't messy! Have fun!

Remember like a Raccoon

  • Objectives

    To create a contour line drawing of a raccoon from a reference drawing and demonstrate knowledge of proportion as a principle of design and demonstrate excellent craftsmanship.

    This lesson will take about 2, 40 minute sessions to complete.

  • Supplies

    • 12 by 15 , 12 by 18 or 11 by 14 watercolor paper or heavy art paper
    • Faber Castell watercolor of other watercolors
    • Pencil   
    • Sharpie
    • Oil pastels   
    • White liquid tempera paint

 Kid tested and teacher approved! 

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