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🎨 FREE Poinsettia Lesson+ Member Freebie Update

Hi Everyone! Merry Christmas!!! I hope you all are enjoying this season and anticipating celebrating the birth of Jesus! My daughter Erika and my oldest granddaughter Joy, have been talking a lot about celebrating Jesus’s birthday!

I was excited to find this beautifully illustrated book at Tractor Supply the other day! (I love Tractor Supply!) It is called “A Birthday Party for Jesus “ by Susan Jones.


The other day Erika and Joy, who is almost 4, were outside. Joy looked at the sunset and said “ Did God make the sunset?” Erika said “yes”, then Joy said “ That’s really nice of God to make the sunset!” In the next few weeks I think I will show her how to paint an easy 4 yr old style sunset! When I do I will share the steps with all of you!

I wanted to let Light Club members, and those of you who are trying out the Light Club with the free trial know that I have added more videos to the subscriptions so paid subscribers can enjoy making art after Christmas!

Plus I wanted to make sure all of you know that you have a coupon to use for a theme pack, or free choice lesson in the Light Club Shop! 👀

These are two acrylic on canvas examples from 2 of the added videos! Paid subscribers: View them here.

I also wanted to give you this Poinsettia lesson as a gift!

FREE Poinsettia Lesson PDF

In this fun lesson, artists of all ages will learn to create a collage of a poinsettia, learn more about the heart of giving at Christmas as we hear about a folk legend oral story.


Here it is!

I love this little book that goes with it also! I love the illustrations. I had a lot of fun making this lesson for ALL ages and I know you will too!

I pray that as we celebrate Jesus not just at Christmas but everyday, we will experience his peace in every moment, know in our hearts he is leading and guiding us and that his heavenly angels are protecting us and the ones we love!

God bless all of you,



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