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Spring Skill Video: Bird, Birdhouse, and Owl

🌿🔆Spring is here and I’m very happy about it because I love warm weather!

What does spring mean to you?

How I Meet Jesus Through Spring (And How You Can Too)

For me, lately, I have been thinking about how spring is a time to praise Jesus for all the new life and new growth outside that I see all around me. As I think about this, I am asking God to show me what he wants me to understand better. I also feel like he wants me to ask him to renew, change something, or heal something in me so I will be able to love people more like him.

I have been learning how to trust him better in more things , and I thank him for his direction and provision for me and my family.

Spring Skill Video: Bird, Birdhouse, and Owl = 🐦🏠🦉

I always get excited when I see the first bluebird in my backyard, and it makes me really happy! Not as happy as seeing kids and adults be successful in art but I just love seeing bluebirds. I saw one for the first time today!

So since spring and the bluebirds are back in my backyard in Oklahoma now, I am super happy to share this video with you all! It's a bluebird house with a simple bluebird!

I know you will have fun with this and I promise you and the kids will be successful creating it!


How to Give The Gift of Art to Your Child

Would you like to give yourself and the kids the gift of art lessons?

The Light Club has 4 to 6 PDFS and 4 videos a month in it similar to this video. (Learn More)

We have 4 different memberships to choose from for pre- k to adults and it's only $13.99 to $24.99 a month depending on the membership you choose with the best art lessons ever!

We are following a Biblical timeline and right now when you join you get access to over 30 PDFS and 24 videos.

All for $17.99 to $24.99 per month!

Bonus: Google Meets Coming Soon!

AND Did you know….If that isn't enough value for you, I am in the process of starting some google meets and some more live videos to go with the PDFS in addition to what we already are doing!


God Bless you all,



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