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My Top 11 *MUST HAVES* For Your Home Art Corner 👀

Hi everyone!

These are my favorite art supplies and I use them all the time! Quite a few of the 2D lessons in the Land of LIght Lessons have these supplies being used so if you gather these up you will be pretty much set!!!

My favorite place to order art supplies is Dick Blick.

Dick Blick has things you can’t find at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I buy things from both Hobby Lobby and Michaels though. Jerry's Artarama is also a great place to buy supplies.

#1 - Pencils


#2 - Oil Pastels


#3 - Watercolor paint

  • Prang - I love Prang because you can use the palette of the set, ( Which is the lid) and add water to the pigment you put on the lid in order to make the paint more transparent. Before you begin to paint, just add a little water to the paint ovals and teach the kids not to dig their brushes down in the paint. I love Prang because as you learn you can control the paint transparency easily by using this palette method and by adding water to the art itself spreading out the paint more to make it more transparent. Prang 16 color watercolor

  • Faber Castell - I love this paint because the colors are really beautiful and vibrant and the set lasts a long time. They are more opaque and it is harder to get a transparent effect since the paint is designed more opaque but the kids love using them and there isn't the younger kids problems in digging the brush in the paint as much as what happens with the Prang. They are more like tempera cakes then watercolor and they are not messy at all!!!


#4 - Tempera paint

  • Alpha Color Biggie Cakes - I absolutely love Alpha Color Biggie Cakes from Dick Blick. I cannot say enough about these! They are easy to use and neat and you can avoid messes with these because the kids can paint with them right out of the little plastic containers that they come in. then you can just close then up when they are finished. They come in 24 color sets and will most likely last a year. They are a little more than the watercolors but like I said, they last a really long time.

  • Liquid Tempera - For liquid tempera I like the crayola washable tempera quite a lot. I love the pint sized bottles ! I also like Dick Blick Premium liquid tempera. These can be expensive but if you can get them on sale they will last at least a year. The crayola is easy to use and cleans up really easily since it is washable. I like to use the Crayola liquid tempera paint to make painted paper and to make gradient skies. It's fun to mix colors with this paint also. I use the little silo cups you can buy at Walmart like restaurants use for salad dressing. If you put the lids on the paint it will not dry out.


#5 - Acrylic

  • Crayola acrylic is also really great because it is really thick and it comes in bottles where you can easily squirt the paint. I water it down quite a bit to make it go farther plus it is easier to paint with when it is thinner. I don’t use acrylic a lot in the lessons but if I do that is what I use. It is great for painting air dry clay, paper mache and fired ceramic pieces. You can store the colors that get mixed in little solo cups with lids. I also get acrylic at a local craft store like Hobby Lobby. I get it one at a time with the 40% off coupon, or when it is on sale. The Hobby Lobby brand is good.


#6 - Liquid Watercolor Paint

  • I use this in the Holiday lessons because a lot of the colors are both transparent and majestic. If you have never used these they are beautiful, really vivid and also transparent. This is a huge plus for the kids because they don't have to make the paint more transparent. It already is transparent . These liquid watercolors are in little bottles. They come in beautiful gold and silver colors also . I love these a lot! You can find my favorite liquid -watercolors here.


#7 - Drawing and mixed media paper


#8 - Watercolor & Construction Paper


#9 - Colored Pencils

  • The best colored pencils are called Prismacolor colored pencils. They are expensive so just get a small set from Hobby Lobby and use the coupon they always usually have. The reason Prismacolor colored pencils are expensive is because they blend together to make new colors and they are really soft. The colors are vibrant colors and you can use these to achieve value as an element of art in your work. They are used quite a bit in high school and in illustration classes, I like to let older kids use them.


#10 - Markers

  • Crayola Markers are my go to markers

  • I also love Sharpies in all the different colors.


#11 - Pastels

  • My all time favorite is Prismacolor Nupastels. They are more expensive but they last for years. They are nowhere near as messy as other chalk pastels. I think these are just phenomenal chalk pastels. I saw that Jerry's artarama has them on sale frequently. Michaesl also has them on sale frequently. These are fun for adults too, you will love these!

Okay so that's it!

Which supplies are you most excited about? I want to know!

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