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Big Facebook Group Launch Announcement

Hi everyone!

This is Ann Land the creator of Land of LIght Christan Art Lessons!

I am really delighted that so many of you downloaded the freebies, and theme packs with the coupons and the free downloads.

As I was thinking about your kids and the art lessons they will be doing, Jesus showed me the thought of all the kids making art and being successful with it and learning about Him. It made me really happy. You and the kids will also have fun learning all the other things in the lessons too!

Kids just love making art and I am so glad that you are giving them this opportunity because I promise you, they will love making the art in the lessons and be really proud of themselves.

I also got really happy because I know that as Homeschool Educators, sometimes it's hard to work art in the curriculum….especially if you just don't think you are very good in art! So it’s exciting to me that you are giving it a go! A lot of people think they just are not good at art, but that is only because they haven't had a lot of success in their art experiences!!! Moms...if I could work with you even for a bit, I promise you would feel more confident! But that is for another time!..

If at any time you or the kiddos need help, feel like they are having a hard time or need some direction, please email me at

Big News 👀

This week, I am making two facebook groups

1. Light Christian Art Lessons Facebook Group

For moms who are trying out the lessons and need advice, want to show off the kids' work, (which I will make a big deal over if you do this!! )...or would like some further opportunities to create art with me in the future.

2. “The Light Club” Facebook Group

For the Light Club members. This will also be a group to share and get advice but I will be posting videos and other live art lessons along with opportunities for free adult classes, bonus things in this group, and the art lessons that I plan to do for adults will be free to the “Light Club” group members.

Looking forward to getting to know you and the kids,

God Bless You



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